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These notes are for guidance only, PAGE Freight Services can not accept any responsibility for their accuracy and are subject to change without notice. (All Documents are .PDF requires adobe acrobat reader)

CF3311 (1229 downloads)
Goods of US origin that are exported and returned to the US without being improved or increased in value can be re-imported without payment of duty on.

Antique (1029 downloads)
This form is a signed certificate required by Customs to support claims for preferential or duty free status on goods imported that are 100 years old.

Artwork (1121 downloads)
This signed declaration provides US Customs with certification that allows works of original artwork to be imported duty free.

South African Customs (960 downloads)
Forms Form DA304. This form is required for shipments which South African Customs rate as ‘Household’ effects as apposed to ‘Personal’ effects. It is recommended that everybody completes it.

Textile Declarations single country declaration (902 downloads)
This signed form is required for the formal entry of all textiles into the USA. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. Single country declaration is used if the textiles are produced or manufactured in a single country. Complete information is critical in assessing the proper rate of duty, including a full description and quantity. This should include fabric breakdown by percentage, woven or knit state and gender. (Mens/boys/womens/girls)

Multiple Country Declaration (985 downloads)
This signed form is required when textiles have been manufactured or processed in more than one country. (e.g. ladies cotton blouse produced in UK with collar made of lace from France).

Negative Declaration (996 downloads)
A negative declaration is required for rolls of silk and unfinished garments.

Video Film (950 downloads)
Declaration This form is required for any motion picture video, film or media DVD/CD.

CF3299 Free Entry of Unaccompanied Personal Effects. (837 downloads)
This form must be completed if requesting free entry of used articles that are the importer’s personal effects, tools of trade, or articles that are being returned to the importer in US after use abroad. A Commercial Invoice should also be prepared in order to meet Customs regulations with itemized values to substantiate the claims made regarding the contents and the stated value.