The team at Page Freight always go the extra mile.  From the receiving the goods, inventory keeping, storage solutions, care for the product, prompt dispatch their excellent service is second to none. The team really care about the product and the customer experience and will always do what they can to help.  They have done so much for us over the years and have really been there to help with flexible storage solutions, the taking in of containers when we were fit to burst in our own unit.  They are fair, clear, efficient, experienced and passionate about what they do and it shows in every area of their business.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us over the years.

Lucy x


Packing is something that we take seriously.

We handle all shipments with care, even those that don’t require our packing services and are simply “A to B” shipments.

Some shipments though stand out from the rest.

Especially when it comes to handling personal effects.

In the past we have received some interesting movements, all starting from a phone call from someone looking for help with moving their belongings.

An interesting example of this is detailed here:

A lovely couple from Australia visited England on vacation; they visited many unusual areas collecting “British treasures”, fragile items from tea sets to coasters.

After spending a number of weeks sightseeing and enjoying Britain’s hidden gems it was time for them to go back to Australia. After searching online and making a number of unsuccessful phone calls they came across Page Freight Services.

Being a family run business we take pride in going the extra mile to look after all of our customer’s items, treating every item as if it were ours.

Ensuring the items arrived safely and undamaged during travelling to the other side of the world was a wonderful yet challenging experience.

We had a bespoke travel case made to size, we lined it with packaging and after wrapping each item individually we carefully put all the belongings into the case, having the case made to size meant nothing moved or rolled around.

We offer a range of export services, express, airfreight and Seafreight.

This particular shipment was sent using our express courier service, fully tracked and insured and arrived in Australia within a few days.

We were over joyed when we got confirmation everything had arrived perfectly, we will remember this job forever.